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kendell kardt, an american song writer, composer, lyricist, vocalist, guitarist, pianist and performer pursued his active career between 1967-1983.

this website has been created to make recordings, lyrics, photos and notes about his activities during that time available to a wider public for the first time.  i hope your enjoy your visit.

just for fun - a new, old picture

with the Rig / 1969


AT LAST!  the Original Kendell on YouTube

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 kendell in Chicago - 2015
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LIVE!!!  kendell at Trend(z) 2016   click here

and now -  kendell kardt live on YOUTUBE!!!!!  

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  a children's story by Kendell Kardt

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kendell kardt - professional resumé here

AND NOW - a part of HISTORY on Wikipedia   :)))))  click this link

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  k.kardt (c) 1978

k.kardt (c) 1978

and now . . . .        @ rivara's              k j                                                                                                  

                                                                 photo (c) 2013 by Jenn Bialy                                                              photo by Janice D'Hyetter  (c) 2017

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all material on this site is copyrighted by kendell kardt.  please observe copyright etiquette with respect to this material.  you may want to record or print items from this site for your PERSONAL use only.  anything beyond sharing those with a few friends should be cleared by requesting permission at 'contact k. kardt' above,  and making appropriate arrangements.

i would like the thank the following individuals who have contributed to the development of this site.   first, Kim Simpson, web-master of , who rediscovered the RIG album after so many years, and posted tracks on his own site,  for his unfailing encouragement of my archiving effort, invaluable advice and practical help in setting up    second, Cindi Kaiser DeCapiteau,  who also synchronistically rediscovered RIG and me,  for volunteering to aid me with the typing of my memoir and the poems and lyrics on the site,  and for helping to unravel the mysteries of HTML.   third, to Sue Fallon, for her very enthusiastic proofreading.   and last of course, Al Gore, for inventing the internet, which makes all this possible.  thanks, Al.