san mateo '71 -  alternate versions

this page comprises alternate recording of songs first presented on the music page for this group,  with a brief note about the  date and context of each recording.  in most cases, these are later versions, usually but not always live solo performances.  

clicking of the title of any song will take you to the 'song notes'  page for  more detail.

               1)  get in a groove  -  there are 7 alt. versions,  click here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here

                2)  have a cigar     -       

                3)  liza bookman   -       

                               a)   this second version is the original recording made by RIG in 1970, about a year prior to the one in San Mateo.                           


                               b)  a third version, recorded in Chicago by Rich Warren for broadcast by WFMT,  my live solo performace version. 

                                      two additional versions can be found here        two more versions here and here        another here  another here  another here                 
                                        another here another here  
                4) stealin' love       -      

                               a)  this second version of STEALIN' LOVE was recorded in nashvile tenn.  for Columbia records in 1972.  drummer, Kenny                                                               

                               Buttrey,  bass, Tim Drummond.  arr. by Bill Purcell.

                                 b)  a third version, recorded in Schaumberg Ill in 1977 at the Hedden West studio of Gary Hedden. Patrick Leonard plays the                                               
                                 polymoog synthesizer.


                                 c)  a 4th version, recorded in Chicago by Rich Warren for broadcast by WFMT,  my live solo performace version.

versions 5 and 6 are found here and here   # 7 is here

                5) strongest love    -  there is currently no alt. version available

                6)  three steps        -    
                                  a)  a second version of 'three steps' recorded live at Juicy John Pinks,  a coffee house/performance space in Dekalb, Ill.  in                                                             
                                   1977.    find a 3rd version here  and a 4th here
  and a 5th here  and a 6th here  and a 7th here   and an 8th here

                7) walk on the water -    

                                  a)  a second version of 'walk on the water', also from the '77 jj pink's concert.


                                  b)  a third version of 'walk on the water'.  recorded by Bill 'Oliver' Swofford at Michael Reese College of Nursing.  in a                                                                        
                                     concert, in 1976,  for the nursing  students.  played here on the electric piano.

                                  c)  a fourth  version was recorded in 1975, again with electric piano, live for broadcast on WFMT radio in Chicago. 

                                        d) a fifth version can be found here, from the Cherry tree, Phila, PA '7      e)  a sixth versions can be found here

            f) a 7th, here      g) and an 8th here     h) a 9th here    i) # 10 is here,  # 11 is here   #12 is here   # 13 here #14 here