WFMT '75 - the lyrics

1)  buzzy & jimmy

little boy, catch your mother's hand
and pull on her apron strings
and look at her with your big round eyes
but don't say anything.

she will take you to the garden fair
to a special place that she knows
and rock you there down upon her knee
while her love just shows and shows

this is the bush
where the wild roses grow
where buzzy & jimmy, the seas cucumbers,
were standin' toe to toe
and dancin' the old time lindy hop
and lookin' each other in the eye
and dreamin' about those funny little babies
be comin' by and by.

little girl, put your rag doll down
when twilight fills your eyes
and lean your curls on father's side
as stars begin to arise.

he will carry down to your bed
in his heart so safe and strong
and sing you away into Jesus arms
till morning comes along.

the branches of the trees were bending low
with the fruit that summer brings
the air was filled with dragon flies
the sunlight shone on their wings.

when buzzy led jimmy to a shady spot
he said: 'here's where you belong'
and if you'll make sweet love to me
i'm gonna sing you my little song.

2) funky song  -                     for lyrics to this song,  click here.  

3) gypsy dance

i said dance gypsy, dance
yeah, i wanna see you dance.
said dance gypsy, dance.
yeah, i wanna see you dance

ten minutes ago the sun was hangin'
like a red ball in the sky.
now it's down behind the hills
and my tears are fallin',
but i swear i don't know why.
nashville women are not my kind.
i wanna see you ridin'
high in the saddle now.

it's a cloudy day in the tennessee hills
my friends are leavin'
but i can see you still.
like the sun so red, so red
i can hardly stand to see.
nashville women are oh so pretty
why can't i love 'em
ain't it a pity now.

well, dance, gypsy, dance
i don't need no second chance
gypsy dance
don't wanna play at cheap romance
i wanna see you turn, turn, turn.
turn, turn, turn.
turn, turn turn, oh lord,

when i met you
just could not stand to leave you go  (3 x )
no, no, no.
you might tell me you love me
gonna wear it like flag
like a red bandanna
all around my neck, now

when i met you
just could not stand to leave you. (2 x )
when i met you
just could not stand to leave you go.
and i can feel your love
kickin' down my leg
comin' up inside me
like a ten foot wave.

just how i feel

a long time isn't counted in hours.
a long time isn't counted in days.
in a cold town a year ain't no time at all
when you're waiting for the flowers every May.

but it's just how i feel
and i keep turnin' and turnin' and turnin'
like a bicycle wheel.
they say there isn't any pain
that love cannot heal
but i needed you
to make me see
that love is real
you know that i needed you
to help me see
that love is real.

it's been a long time rollin' down this highway
and countin' the telephone poles.
it's been a long time rollin' down these city streets
lookin' into the eyes of a million lonely souls.

twenty four hours is a long time
when i'm not sleepin' between your sheets.
and a day can seem just like forever and ever and ever
when your waitng for the one that you love to speak.

lady of a thousand songs  -   for lyrics to this song, click here

lullaby of broadway II

you just call me your darlin'
and call me your honey
and you give me all that ten dollars can buy
i don't have five for the room
i wasn't thinkin' far
but i guess we can do it right here in the car.

you tell your girlfriend
to watch for the cops
and give us a yell
if the meat wagon stops
say, you sure are pretty
you mean you're only nineteen
well, you might be street walkin'
but tonight you're my queen.

i'm gonna call you my darlin'
and call you my honey
and i'll give you more that ten dollars can pay
all my love warm and tender
we'll taste sweet surrender
twelve yards from the traffic that rolls down Broadway.

the truth is i'm just in
New York for the weekend
and i've got a sweetheart
we live on the coast.
tell me, don't you have a regular fella'
and isn't there someone that you love the most?

and where do you go
when it's cold in the winter?
when you wave from the corner
don't you ever get caught?
and don't your feet
get so tired from standin'?
have you ever know real love
or only the kind
that is sold
and is bought?

oh, excuse me for askin'
so many dumb questions.
you can tell that i'm just
sorta' new at this part.
oh yeah, here's the ten spot
i almost forgot,
and any time that you're ready
well, i guess we can start.

twelve yards from the taxis
and the trucks and the busses
that roll down old Broadway.

silver engine

when I reach my destination,
there's a story i will tell
'bout how a train pulled into town one morning,
wasn't ridin' on no rail.
and the silver engine drew my admiration,
she was decked in flowers,  i recall.
and a hundred bright, red coaches
trailed behind that cannonball.

and when the train
pulled in the station,               
i didn't see no cryin' there.
'twas only joy, joy and jubilation
as she rose up the air.
as she rose and as she rose up in the air.

as if called to some fine celebration
the people flocked out into the street.
oh, they gathered 'round in breathless expectation
as though some long lost friends they were to meet.
"now come aboard! you need no reservation."
many heard and many took a seat.
men, women, and children without hesitation
answered to that call so sweet.

now had come the hour of separation
for some would travel and some remain.
oh, but a promise of reconciliation
stayed the tears that might have fall'n in vain.
she is gone like some fair constellation
that has faded with the dawn.
but how the tale of bright transfiguration
how it lingers and lingers on and on.

tombstone reminder

when the sea creature dies
he mingles his life
forever with the life of the sea.
and he leaves his shell
as a tombstone reminder
to fools like you and me.

and we wander the beaches
put our ears to the door
oh, what were we listenin' for? ( 3x )

and so when sweet love dies
she abandons her lover
slowly she turns back to dreaming,
she leaves her verses behind
as a tombstone reminder
that stars long dead
still continue to shine.

and we wander the pages
and we step through that door,
but what were we hoping to find there?
and who were we lookin' for? ( 2x )

and now where is the one
who said yes to my love?
is it true, can i still hear you breathing?
while i wake and turn
in a fitful sleep
the fires of my heart are all raging.
is it really for you
that i waited so long?
who i hoped would gentle
and tame me,
who has left me alone
with the cold morning dew
for my only company?

tutu & the cannibals

tutu, la, la la, la la, la
what do the cannibals do?
oh, they eat you don't they, yes they do.
oh, they eat you. don't they, i know they do.
what do the cannibals do?

do they eat you in the night?
do they eat you in a fight?
ain't nobody told them that it ain't right?
do they kill you, do they just bite, bite, bite?
no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
kill you, or do they just bite, bite, bite.

no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
the tutu say: booga, booga, boo,
no, no, no, they won't eat you.
the cannibals just as civilized as you.
they live in the valley so far away.
stay out the jungle, you be ok.

la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,
oh, but the children they sit
in a circle and they sing.

the cannibals wear wooly sweaters with holes.
they eat their stew from the wooden bowls.
they grin, they sharpen their teeth with stones.
they smile, and pick their teeth with the bones.
no, no, no, no. no. no. no, no, no
smile and pick their teeth with the bones.

walk on the water  -  for lyrics to this song,  click here.

welcome home

it been so long now
since we've been together
so much has changed for us since then
and it's so hard to start again.

we've seen our fair share
of stormy weather
we're both unsure of what we'll find
afraid of what we've left behind.

we've learned that real love
wasn't all we planned for,
that dreams alone won't
make it come the easy way.

we've let old loves and strangers
come between us
and let their shadows hide us
from each other's eyes.

but it won't be long now
till we're together
do we still care enough to try?
to somehow reach out one more time.

we're both uncertain
what the future holds for us
but i hold out my hand
my darling,
welcome home.