WFMT '75 group


the music

D)  WFMT '75 - this group of songs was recorded for WFMT radio in Chicago in 1975 at their studio.  all are accompanied with guitar.  they  are the live versions i performed in clubs and concerts in the midwest that year.  the majority of the songs in this group were written in '71 and '72  in SF in preparation for the Columbia or Buddy Bolden projects.   (with the exception of 'lullaby of broadway II' which was written on a visit to NYC in 1974 and 'welcome home' and 'tombstone reminder' were written in LA is '74 for Emily Tracy. and Tutu & the cannibals,  written in '74, for Elizabeth Bakewell's children)

click on any song title for alternate recording, if avaliable.

1)  buzzy & jimmy -                                  

2) funky song -                                    click
here to find this recording

3) gypsy dance -                                        

4) just how i feel ( bicycle wheel ) -            

5) lady of a thousand songs -               click here to find this recording 

6) lullaby of broadway II -                        

7) silver engine  -                                      

8) tombstone reminder  -                          

9) tutu & the cannibals  -                         

10) walk on the water -                       click here to find this recording

11) welcome home -