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the music                   

archive 2011 will continue the project of preserving one-of-a-kind performances.
some will be songs of my own for which only one recording exists.
others may be material by other artists which i included in my shows from time to time.
a few are performaces of frequently performed songs, but include stage patter, introductions, and monologues
not found elsewhere.  
with this page, something new will be added from time to time.  
i  will post instances of live perfomances reconding made by yours truly in present time,
that now, in 2012 and, with any luck or grace,
beyond, into a happy future.  :))
some of this is presented for its 'curiosity' value.   i hope you'll enjoy it in the intended spirit.
again, i ask the listener's indulgence when recording quality is poor.
as, and if, i discover better recordings of some of these, i will make them available on the site.
not all of these recordings are from the period '77 to '84.
i'll try to identify them on the 'song notes' page to place them in context.


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1) the silent revolution -                          

2) kendell live at st. francis     -              

3) will the circle be unbroken   -             Get Adobe Flash player

4) hesitation  -                                        Get Adobe Flash player