you better not shout, you better not cry.  it's almost 2011.  let's get started.

and now it is!!!  let's rock, Bach :))

1)  J.S. Bach - three short pieces in C major  -                

2) J.S. Bach prelude in Cm WTC Bk I -                         

3)  J. S Bach short fugue in D minor -                             

4)  J. S. Bach jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring -                    

5)  Johann f Walther -  Ein Feste Burg -                        

6)  J. S. Bach - Wachet Auf  -                                          

7)  J. S. Bach - Hirtenmusik  -                                         

8)  Bach - Air on the G string    -                                    

9)  Bach - Gigue in A  -                                                    

10)  Bach arioso in F  -                                                    

11) Bach Inventio in E major  -                                     

12) Bach prelude  in E minor  -                                     

13) Bach inventio a tré voci -                                          

14)  Bach andantino in Em/ Gavotte in G                    

15) Bach Prelude in D minor/ Gavotte in D major    

16)  Bach Cello Suite #1 in G - Prelude                        

* a note about the Christmas pages.   each year i hope to create a 'christmas page' as a gift to my friends.  i begin recording selections for the page right after the new year begins, and occasoinally, before the previous one ends.   hence, to forestall confusion among the 'logically' inclined, the page for this Christmas, 2011, says, at the top, '
 it's almost 2011',  which means that i began the new series in the last days of 2010, even though the the 'Christmas gift' is not officially 'delivered'  by Santa until xmas 2011.   understand?  neither do i .   in any case, you're free to open your 'gift' anytime during year and enjoy it, whether you've been bad or good.  :)))  kendell