cindi kaiser de capiteau


          cindi 1    +   type    is the reason why this website is as neat and correct as it is.    

                i would never have mustered either the skills or patience for the endless hours of typing required.   what motivates

this young lady to devote her time an energy to my project, with only my sincere expressions of gratitude as her reward, remains something of a mystery to me.   i think it has something to do with Werner Erhard, but that's a mystery, too.

here's a picture of cindi's workstation.   look closely. it's now apparent that she has an assistant.  i didn't know that.

c cat

lest one suppose that my website has been typed by a 2 yr old, i want to make it clear that cindi didn't start work on the site until she was 4.

 and here she is, unhappy with her pay scale and working conditions.       cin 2      hey, this is child labor,
 not the AFL-CIO.

unmoved, cindi threatens to walk on me, a la Nancy Sinatra.  she shows me her boots.   boots   uh oh,  i'm in trouble now.   i quickly offer to double her pay and publish a more recent photo.  here's cindi, wearing her favorite jacket.


 you can learn a lot more about the real cindi by visiting her own very fascinating website at: