columbia album - 1972



       C)    COLUMBIA '72
  this set was recorded in Nashville TN. in the spring of '72.  i was under contract to Columbia records.  once again, i was attempting to put out a 'first' solo album.  # 3, i think.   after numerous personnel changes, an exhausting rehearsal and travel schedule, amazing waste of money and resources, and acrimonious disagreements with producer, M. Spector,  it's a miracle any of the music survived the ordeal.  the album was shelved, incomplete, in the fall of that year.  never released.

the engineer's name was Stan.  sorry no last.  an accommodating, if junior, columbia staffer in nashville.  the studio we got was the one they used to rip off equipment from for the other studios, where the 'country' records were made.   the rhythm section players, over my objections, were those who had just recorded Neil Young's 'harvest' album.  Ken Buttrey, drums,  Tim Drummond, bass.   Ernie (Kazantakis?) of Boston MA.  was the last of my original choices who survived the chaos, on Fender strat.  i played piano and acoustic rhythm.  my girlfriend, Varda Perry, was in charge of getting everyone to take off their clothes.   Bill Purcell,  a wonderful arranger and orchestrator, was my serendipitous discovery.  his contribution,  particularly on 'little sparrow' made the entire hideous experience worthwhile.  thank you, Bill.  the 'Barkays, or maybe it was the' Memphis Horns', did what we asked them to do.  Weldon Myrick cries tears on pedal steel.

click on any song title for alternate recording, if avaliable.

1)  didn't wanna love you               

2)  funky song                                

3)  greyhound depot                       

4)  lady of a thousand songs           

5)  little sparrow                           

6)  marylou                                   

7)  stealin' love                             

8)  you let me down