heartsong '87 - alt. versions


this page comprises alternate recording of songs first presented on the music page for this group,  with a brief note about the  date and context of each recording.  in most cases, these are later versions, usually but not always live solo performances.  

there are no alternate recording of these songs at present.  clicking of the title of any song will take you to the 'song notes'  page for  more detail.



                                 1)  abba daba honeymoon             

 2)  crazy rhythm                           

 3)  blue moon                               

 4)  sweet georgia brown                 

 5)  stompin' at the savoy              

 6)  why do fools fall in love           

 7)  in my room                          

 8) under the boardwalk                 

 9)  funiculi, funicula                       

 10) april in paris