heartsong photos  -  page 5


the photos            

OK.  there were too many girls for awhile.   one of them had to pretend to be our tenor.  guess which one.  we could have dressed her as a man,

i suppose.   at least they all got along.  ggls

what's with the snow pics.  it's cold out there.   sn

kd      the next generation of  Heartsong fans here.

i think Elizabeth was the faux tenor.  Carol's back, sans Dean.     nd

           bb       the elusive Bob Merrill again.  was this a quintet -  or a flash mob?   were these kids really into

40's swing tunes?  sw    no school today?

if Carol & Terry weren't so cute i'd use Dean for a dart board target.  ah

         let's wrap it up.  here's two of the maestro in his prime.         k    and . . . .

k2    handsome devil!    and one more - of the fantasy group that never was,

            with ghost tenor, Paul Ruest .   


and that's all folks.   it was a great idea that almost happened.