hedden west studio  -  '77


the music   

by jan. 1977 in had left my home in chicago and had been touring on the east coast for about 4 months.  i returned to the midwest for a couple of gigs around the new year and was given some free time at a studio in Schaumberg. Il. called Hedden West, named for its owner, Gary Hedden.   the studio was down for a couple of weeks and my pal Tom, a drummer, booked us in.  Tom and i, with the help of the resident Moog synthesizer created these quirky tracks.   later in the week, by pure chance we stumbled on Pat Leonard, working at a local music store.  he came in and just for fun, laid down beautiful piano and Polymoog on several tracks.  [see song notes]   a very real but now nameless young lady student friend of Tom's contributed the live clarinet on 'made in chicago'.

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1)  give me your love  -                                        

2)  gypsy dance  -                                                 click here to find this recording

3)  city of lost angels  -                                         

4)  made in chicago  -                                          

5)  starting out  -                                                 

6)  stealin' love  -                                                 
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7)  street racer  -                                                 

8)  tutu & the cannibals  -                                   
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9)  welcome home  -                                             
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10)  you can count on me  -                                  

11)  just how i feel (bicycle wheel )  -