j edward's house  -  '80 -  song notes


on this page, i give brief biographical and contextual information about each song,  how it came to be written, etc.   for a more detailed biographical memoir  by kendell kardt, click the link: ' the poems of bernard rudolph ' on the home page.   be sure to read the disclaimer before proceeding.  

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1)  faithful  -    this song, along with 'show and tell' on this page was written for my second wife, Carla Richardson.  Although Carla and I fell in love in about our first 24 hours together, getting to know each other well enough to actually reach the altar was not without its pitfalls.  In her case this involved unfinished business with a former lover.  During our first two years 'together' there were long stretches when we were not together at all, but painfully separated.  there were also serious 'lifestyle' issues to be resolved.  I had been a performer on the road for many years.  That would change, of my own volition, but it took quite awhile before Carla had the confidence to commit to a permanent relationship.  We had both been wounded before.  Healing took time, and, on my part, considerable  persistence.  In fact, I truly loved this woman.  These two songs may give some inkling of how I tried to communicate in the way I knew best.  To let her know that I had no intention of going away.                                               

2)  lady of a thousand songs -  take 1                      for a note on this song, click here  

3)   lady of a thousand songs -  take 2  -                  same as above

4)  mister sun  -    i'm not quite sure how this song came about.  its appearance on this tape in 1980 suggests that i wrote it in New Hampshire after i relocated there.  it may have been a response to the unfamiliar climate, which included long stretches of cloudy, cold weather.   i found that this affected my frame of mind considerably, especially when other aspects of my life weren't going smoothly.  it's a pagan appeal to the sun god.  but forgivable, under the circumstances.  and it's a pleasant, simple, and attractive little song.  i might still sing it on a rainy day.                                           

5)  show and tell  -     see the note for 'faithful'  above.