E)    JJ PINK'S LIVE '77  -  this group of songs was presented in a live concert at an acoustic venue of that

name in DeKalb. Ill. in the summer of 1977.   Later that year, the club closed its doors.   It was one of  short

string of venues acrass the country where it was actually possible for me to present my music and lyrics to an

intelligent listening audience without having to resort to superflous theatrics.   I had relocated to Peterborough,

New Hamshire in March of  that year, in hopes of settling into an peaceful life off the road.  Some of the songs in

this set are new,  written in NH or during a difficult transiton year.


the music

click on any song title for alternate recording, if avaliable.

 1) anna & emma  -                                   

2)  death of a hobo  -                                

3)  get in a groove  -                                 

            4) gypsy dance  -                                      click here to find this recording         

  5)  how could i ever leave you  -               

6)  made in chicago  -                              

7) overweight in california  -                    

8)  ring of keys  -                                      

9)  sit down stranger  -                             

10)  street racer  -                                    

11)  the wheel  -                                      

  12)  three steps  -                                     click here to find this recording

13)  to sarah  -                                        

  14)  walk on the water  -                          click here to find this recording

  15) what will  be divided  -