the music    

     G)   i recorded these 6 songs on the same visit to jj pink's  as the live concert (E )  in 1977.   all the song are relatively new,  written on the east coast after my move out there, with the exception of  'indian summer', and ' how could i ever leave you',  which were written for my dear friend, Joan Probst Ives in the fall of '74 when i was en route, relocating to Chicago.

click on any song title for alternate recording, if avaliable.

                          1)  death of a hobo  -                              

                    2)  give me your love  -                            

                    3)  how could i ever leave you  -             

                    4)  indian summer  -                              

                    5)  jigsaw poet's revenge  -                     

                    6)  ring of keys  -