kk in california '71 - page 3

                                                                                                the photos           

    in 1973 i moved south to Los Angeles within a year i retired my '51 Lincoln in exchange for something more 'modest'  :))   a '53 Chevolet

ch          c2

c3    the highlight of my personal life in LA was my serendiptous meetinf with Joon Probst, who would be my loyal

 companion, friend and room mate during my 2 year stay in that wretched place

j   here she is,  as she was -

 at work at a local music store                               j2    

    and on the day         j3              she graduated from college 

                            as she is   toda.      j4

                       with Mia Bakewell                     j5            we're still friends 

the 'single'  notatable moment of my professional life ia summed up in this picture             gd

          that is, my single of Dance Gypsy Dance recorded  by my fan, Don Franciscounfortunately the recorde, also Don and i, went nowhere fastor more accuartely, i

moved to Chicago after two years and DFon moved to Florida.   i wasn't sad to leave LA - except for Joan, of course.   i looked back wistfuly on what i had left to move to that

god forsaken desrt of human hopes     Mr. White's  gaeden in San Anselmo.