let your light shine  -  1990


the music  

in 1990,  i was living in southern New Hamphire.  i had been retired from performing for about seven years.  i had been employed for several years as music director for a children's dance program in the local schools.  that year the program director asked me to compose music for the kid's annual performance celebrating their accomplishments,  to take place at Keene State College in June '91.  the theme of the concert was to be the life of inventor Thomas A. Edison.  this is the music i composed for the show.  the recording is the demo i did in my home studio as a guide for the orchestrator.  i perform all the vocals.  i play all the other parts using keyboards and an Alesis hardware sequencer and drum machine.  

lyls title

  clicking song titles will take you to alternate recording  for each number.

1) dynamo [the overture] -                                  

2)  strange notions  -                                              

3)  experiment  -                                                    

4)  telegraph man -                                                

5)  inventor  -                                                         

6)  wizard  -                                                           

7)  skeptics  -                                                         

8)  never give up  -                                                  

9)  phonograph  -                                                    

10)  kinetoscope  -                                                   

11a,b, & c  golden jubilee &
                       let your light shine finale  -