no exit live  1978

these tracks are taken from two live sets at the No Exit coffee house in Rogers Park on the north side of Chicago.  i had already relocated to the East coast, but still returned to Chicago a few more times before i realized it was impractical to make the long trip for the money local clubs could provide.  so this was part of a rather sad weaning process that would eventually result in my giving up traveling and then, a few years later, live performing as well.


the music     

click on any song title for alternate recording, if avaliable.

1)  country lullaby  -                                  

2)  cupcake  -                                            

3)  death of a hobo  -                                

4)  greyhound depot  -                              

5)  how could i ever leave you  -               

6)  indian summer  -                                

7)  lady of a thousnd songs  -                   

8)  sister eliza bookman  -                               

9)  city of lost angels  -                             

10)  made in chicago  -                              

11)  my delight  -                                     

12)  ring of keys  -                                     

13)  take my hand  -                                 

14)  the cup   -                                          

15)  the road  -                                         

16)  tutu & the canibals  -