photos  -  kk in the trailer park


the photos           

 costa 03   and here i am, under the wide open sky at Costa Trailer Court.   MY HOME.    C 04

and there's the corner of a trailer now.   tr 04  am i happy?  i am.   here's   sand 1  the

main reason i wound up here.  and reason # 2   w & d  was these guys.  cin pup  and let's not forget Cindi  puppy,


           a charming dog,   k suz     this is me with my pal Suzy Morehead.     which is how i found the place to begin with.  

however, this is not entirely a story of 'happily ever after',  as you know if you've read the relevant memoir chapters.   so here are the photo highlights.

let's start with happy days.   the bride and groom . . . .  hd  in Chicago here.

they look happy, right.  there's more . . . .   sc  still in Chicago,  and . . . .  at her mother's,  pre -

foreclosure . . . st  and, sr

at my studio in Ridgefield Pk.,  and . . . s1  at an unidentified location, and . . . . .

mtk   on here wedding day,  and with a home off her own in a trailer park . . .

                    pr   she should have been happy, right?  she looks happy here.  in her own room,

h  with the baby boy and her stuffed animals . . .  mb

upon the marriage bed . . .  i was HAPPY.  little Walter was HAPPY TOO.    MY

he had his own room!!  


he had a CANOE!
 ca   well -  i made him a toy canoe.  ;))  gf

we played gopher golf.  we played with heavy equipment tr  i was

   HAPPY!!  the dog was happy.  kc  even my mean old Dad

was happy.  sdw    i had found a woman who i hoped would be my LAST sailer.


it should have lasted FOREVER -  but it didn't.

click here for the bitter-sweet END of the story.