BUDDY BOLDEN  '71 - photos


the music        

i've created this page to honor the wonderful musicians and singers who helped me record the Buddy Bolden album


first of all, the band  -  lead guitar, lap steel, mandolin -  Ronnie Montrose   r

one more of Ronnie -  r2  sadly, some of the players on this album have gone on to

rock n' roll heaven.  Ronnie is one.    next our bassist, David Torbert,  t  Dave has passed on too.

 much too young.   a great player and a good person.  t2  cute too!  :))    next, our drummer,

the inimitable Spencer Dryden.  sp  formerly with Jefferson Airplane,     s2

and one more of Spencer

s3  Spencer is gone as well.  Quotable quote: 'Relax.  It's only music.'  exactly  the 'philosophy' i needed to

embace at the time.  thanks, Spencer.   those are the main players.     Rest in Peace, boys.



first, ms. Pamela Poland - a total inspiration to all of us.  i have a number of pictures of her.  i include then all.

p   p1  p2

p3     p4   there were two others.  ms Barbara Mauritz, of Lamb

              m  and my dear, departed, first wife, Lynne Charles, pictured here at the wedding.

                                                  kw  to yours truly.   next we have


our fiddler, from  Old and in the Way, mr Ed Neff    e   and last,

but not by any means least, on banjo and peddle steel,  mr Jerry Garcia.  g  and several more

  g1               g2  our final category

our recording engineer, whose skill andparience made everything come together,  mr Fred Catero  

                c            f2      

let's close this tribute on a personal note.  it saddens me to realize that about half the participants in this project, which was, after all, to be the

'debut'  of my solo recording career, are no longer with us.  they have 'gone on to their reward'.  maybe i'll meet them again someday in another

world.  meanwhile, we have our memories.

       me and Dave        sdfg  1971.

kkw  we were happy then.


  all best, Kendell