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the photos        

old friends . . .
my good friend, Gamble Rogers, a talented performer, sadly gone
now.       g    and  . .

my best friend of all,  still here - Regina Henley        r   Regina, my most loyal

Chicago 'fan',  hates haveing her picture taken.  my humble apologies in advance.   

r3   see what i mean?  here we are in happier days, with Karma,
Regina's best puppy.      
r4    one more 'doggy ' pic.  my freinds

Troy  & Sandy Doetsch.  they kept me off the street sometimes,     ts

and Troy, the doctor, wrote my migreine scrips.  Thanks, Troy :))  

moving along, we have some performance snaps from various unspecified locations.

kc    and       kk  and

kkb      and        
kl    and

     kl       and           kr   and

a few more of kk, at home.     kh  my apt.   ka

and last,  some rudimetary 'promo' material.               kp 

kb       and         kb2

         bye for now   :)))_              x

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