photos - new york, the 60's & lynne charles


the photos        
but first, there was this young lady  j ms. Joyce Aaron Funk  j2  i fell for

that pouty top lip.  it was 1967, we were 'forever children', etc.   we took a
trip to London.    we saw the stars  at Saville Row

jijijimi        ji2      ji3

we come home on th Ile de France, il

il2     but then    . . .   sometimes life doesn't happen the way we hoped.    imoved to the West vilage and  . . .

met this little stinker.  bl      on the street,  W. 10th St.  she was never happy, but i loved her anyway. 

tb      yes, we got married               bg      here's the evidence .

         lc                     hw       

              klw   and             kl    so far, so good.  moving

on to the reception . . . .

     jmc      of interest here,  Black Betty guitarist, Jack Mc Nichol 

nad my best 'roommate', Lou Primak, pictured here with their significant 'others'.    we moved back to the East Village.  things got better.  there was

Rig      ri               r2

we played at the Fillmore East  sometimes       cl     there  were light shows, 

    jo    and   more stars  jj         

rf                  and sometimes,  BIG  crowds

                        ra    and the we opened for

the Who, on Berkley          rwq   those were the happy days.  even Lynne was

happy sometimes    hd               ly    but

          times change,     fl    the Fillmore East was gone,  and Kendell was left to play

             ka     by himself.   :))))