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the photos    

looks as if i might be 'old' for a awhile.  for some reason my friends like to take picture of old people.  i guess it's the smart phones.  they just

can't leave it alone.  so . . . .

may as well put 'em up here.  first, shameless self promotion    g  i don't think i

paid any attention to this is 1976.  now, when the author sent it to me, i find it rather charming.  am i desperate?

i must be.   look at this!    t   i actually ordered these and gave them away.  is that pitiful?   :))

moving along, more fun at the local tavern    kh     and so on . .

k4   & k7

here's my m. jagger imitation . .     kl       let's run that into the ground

 . . kj2     &         &      kj3

      i guess it's just as well i became a musician.   this could have been me, but for the grace of God.

h  instead, - this k12

and this . .  h22  how about that scarf?    kc

it's better that karaoke anyway.    k2b  if my career as

a senior rock star doesn't work out i can always double for this guy.  tb  people aleardy stop me at

Shoprite.          are you???          NO!         but here i am reading the Communist Manifesto  at the Hilltop.


MR. SOUL!    ALRIGHT!         K8   and then?

this is Deep!  

                          \ks   what's he singing about?

Oh Carol - my favorite Chuck Berry song . . koc  hang on - we're

almost done.  it's not over till the sax man blows ...  ksax

the beautiful Jenn Bialy one more time.

kjb    yes,  that place is really called Dingbatz . . .

no reflection on me, i hope  

kd     that's all for

today.   tomorrow?   ze vorld!


i'm still old.  here comes 2017.   more photos.  click here for page 5