photos  - kk,  the old guy


the photos     

me, before rock and roll   b rock   and after......  a rok   and somewhere in between . . . .

           km          but seriously,  here's where i look  really,  really OLD.    alt 

i took this of myself, in the bathroom mirror.   i'm sorry.  i'm not a very  good  photographer.

and now,  some pics taken by friends....  slightly 'friendlier' to the subject.  here's me at my sunday church gig.   2008.

    3 ref    and in 1996, at my pal, Carole's apt in Milltown, NJ    @ c's  still holding up

here.  [ but where'd you get that jacket?    two more at Carole's house.  i think i'll hire her.  she makes me look pretty good.                          
                                 c 3                                     c 2

                    but here's what i REALLY look like without the 'special' lens.

         fat    look at that gut.  sheech!     1996, previous organ gig.  i look happy, happy and a

 little bald.  whatduya gonna do?  cs teank   and here, i look REALLY happy.  2001.  that's

 because i'm getting ready to make a BIG mistake.  wife # 3.    joels     still, there are more serious errors.  this

 coulda been me,     specta    bye, bye phil.  2008, at regina's in Chicago.    @ regina's

i look so-o-o thoughtful here.  is it the menu?  

or that little drawing i made on the tablecloth?    k at a wedding    summer '95.  a good year for smoking and big glasses.

              k95                    my friend's are old now too.    i feel better.

             dun can       here's the sage of scotland, my pal, duncan campbell.        and my highschool buddy,

evey kates jones.    evey     this  
jacket  was my favorite

why couldn't i resist wearing it to paint the shed?  

the good news is that since 2011, i've lost 35 pounds.      the the bad news . . .   i look older than ever.  

here's my birthday cake - 2011.  kbdy        now here,  i'm very happy

    kxmas   because i'm proud of my new 'PL' bumper sticker.   this means i can drive

in Poland.    wow!!

to help me feel better about how i look for my age, compare A. Richards on his CD cover, 2012.  he's the the one in the middle.   not that it matters.  they're all geezers.


         let's work back from the present.    this is the beginning of my 5th  attempt 

at world-wide notoriety.  rivs  beautiful girls still love me.   i'm off to a  flying start.

riv2  guys too!   riv3

i can't go wrong this time. .  . .  .   unless  . . .

hey  i look like this in 2027.        meanwhile, jjp nostalgia rears it's

 questionable, spectral head.    a reissue.   will i catch on all over again on the banks fo the Mississippi?

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