photos  - kk in Nashville '91-'93


the photos    

i spent the better part of 1991 through the summer of 1993 in Nashvile, Tennessee, in an attempt to start a 'new life' as a working musician.  i worked -

 perhaps harder than ever before in my life.   i made a living, but it was not happy time.  appoaching a nervous breakdown, i escaped back to the

north east in '93.   these photos are the few smiles i preserved. 

kn1   do you lke my new haircut    ?    kn2   i worked

briefly in the back-up band of a nice young man who was n 'Elvis' imitator.    this is a photo of not-me  and not-him.

       kn3      here i'm playing the pianos at the home of my good friend, Katherine McKenzie. 

she was the bightest light of
my stay in town. 

      and here she is   .   kn4         she was the proud owner  of a Plymouth automobile of

indeterminate model and vintage,    here . . kn5    we drove the damn thing

to Florida in '92  to visit Thomas Edison's ghost,  not pictured  . . . .
  the trip was a joy with intermittent nightmares courtesy of Knight's Inns in

   another trip took me to Memphis where i visited the ghost of the real Elvis . . .

kn6   who i didn't see either, but i got ot stand next to one of his Cadillacs

 in the Graceland garage   shown here          kn7

a few more things that didn't happen.    here   kn8        and here     . . . .

k9    hey!  it could have been me.   just luck.  :))    i carried on,  playing the

 piano for ballet classes by day for rent money,      k2     and by night. amusing myself with my guitar

k1     sometimes i visited K. Mc Kenzie at her home and we played old standards, four hands  

          k3   which gave me the notion to start a new 'career' as a cabaret singer.   promo shot

 here.     k4    4    i even bought a jacket & tie for it.  
at one of those cabaret jams i met a nice woman named

 Linda Bieheusen and her husband, Rich.   10     Rich had a recording studio where is worked from

 time to time.  Rich & Linda and i are still close frineds after many years.  one mosre bright spot.    

on my occasional day off i had time to see local
attractions.  i think this is me in front of Andrew Jackson's house . . . or one of the those Confederate

 asshole's  plantations.     whatever

      and that's it.                     5    i  hated Nashville, so i left.