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the photos        

     vignettes:  jobs -  Yankee Magazine - after 'retiring' from my career as a folk singer i had various means of gainful employment during my NH stay.  first,  as a 'maintainance specialist'  at Yankee Magazine,   y  a New England

 institution based in  Dublin NH, where i lived for a time
at the home of its founder's widow, Beatrice Sagendorph.

  Bea lived in the big house.  her dead husband Rob was banished to his 'studio'  :)  s

st   it was a nice location.  here are several pics from the hilltop up the road. 

m   across from this  mh

seen better here  m2   nice location !  (  the future Kardt

'summer residence' was just up the road, too.-  see NH pg 2 )   here's a picture of our front yard taken years later,  where a tornado destroyed a 30 ft

 Ponderosa pine tree
i was at home with the cat when it came by.  snapped that tree like a toothpick, something like the rest of my NH dream.  only

the stump remains today

tp  my accomodations weren't alway quite so luxurious.  here's the 'Gulch',

where i camped with my friend, Fred Kramer in 1979
g  it's fixed up

nicely now - gentrified.  at the time it looked more like it's proprietor does today.  here's Fred.  f

Jobs: the Christian Science Church, Peterborough, NH -  cs  i worked there first as a

 vocal soloist and then as their orgainst.  i got the job courtesy of Carolina Edwards

pictured with me here. 

jobs :  New Hampshire Dance Institute - jl  later i worked as accompanist for a

 dance program in the Monadnock region schools
.   in my final year, before leavin NH i wrote and original show for the kids based on the life Thom.

  te  my is in the middle :)    lb   his lightbulb.

Jobs:  a Texas Swing band   in 1987 -  i sold my piano and bought a synthesizer.  pretty soon i was ready to 'play out'.  1990 - 91.

sw  it was both fun and frustrating to play with children.  :))     but i got into it  

    ksw         km

New Hampshire:   then  and now.  my old haunt, in p'boro,   n  back when i looked like

this -  kl  and now,  when i looked like this on a recent visit to the  'cheese shop'

around the corner.    ch     the maple tree in front of Willard Ricardson's

farm house  has changed too -  along with everything else.