this is Regina,   we've been friends for a long time.  Regina has volunteered to help me, and to help you get the essential paraphernalia you need to become an official KK FAN.  


a while back, Regina designed the first T-shirt for herself and made one for me too.   i liked it so much i asked if she would make more to share with friends.  she has very kindly consented to do that.

                    front    t1               back      t2

Regina has now designed two additional T-shirts.   shown below are the graphics that will appear front and back

       front image #1        fr1       front image #2        fr2

   the graphic on the back will appear like this                   bk

now all that remains is for you to chose a color.    standard shirts are available in white, gray,  also pink for girls and blue for boys.  special colors,  and other song title mottoes may be available if Regina likes you.

i now have prices:  tee-shirts in white and gray are $12.  pastel shades are $13.  this includes shipping to the address you provide.  checks & money orders only.  please allow 15 day for delivery.

NEW and exciting!!!!!

the K-Tee!!


special price, $20

they're HOT!

you can order T-shirts from Regina at:

enjoy your shirt!

you can now order custom CD's as well.  the procedure is fairly simple.  go to the ' all songs index' on the homepage.  select the specific performances of the songs you want.  copy and paste the titles into your email to Regina.   we will burn a disk or disks for you with only those titles.  select as many as you like.  if the time of your selections exceeds one CD you'll receive two or more.  there's some guesswork involved, but figure 14 tracks per CD.  that's it.  good luck and enjoy.  CD's will come in a jewel case with an autographed picture of what i used to look like.   :)))

the price of your custom CD is  $10  per disk,  including mailing.

you can order  CD's  by clicking this link:

ask nicely, follow Regina's instructions.  

'only the fly need apply'

:-))  best, kendell