the RIG album  - '70


the music  

the Rig album  was the first and only time that my work actually appeared on the 'world stage'.   it was a group effort, and in many ways, unsatifactory.   just a beginning...   the group, Rig, broke up a year after this was recorded. over the next few years, i made several attempts to launch a solo career without success.  recordings made in the course of those efforts are here in the archive.  i have omtted the tracks from the Rig album that i didn't write.  2 of the songs included here were co-written.  the lyric to 'carousel' is by Jennefer Berne.  the chorus lyric of 'laughing trees' is by Arthur Richards.  

the players on the album include Arthur Richards, guitar,  Don Kerr, fender bass,  Tom Cerone, drums on 'please stick around'.  drums on the other tracks are by Kenneth Buttrey of Nashville, TN

click on any song title for alternate recording, if avaliable.

1)  carousel  -                                               

2)  evening at home # 2 -                             

3)  have a cigar  -                                        click here to find this recording

4)  laughing trees  -                                      

5)  liza bookman  -                                      click here to find this recording

6)  mr.  rich man   -                                     

7)  my sweet woman  -                                

8)  please stick around  -