sue fallon

this is Sue Fallon     sue 1   isn't she a sweetheart?    i met Sue on one of those internet sites designed to

bring  mr. and ms. loneli-hearts together.  it soon became apparent however, that the real reason for our meeting was so that

Sue could help me pack up and move 10 years worth of stuff out of my apartment and into a new mobile home.    ain't life


we became great friends, in spite of this imposition on her goodwill.   one day about 3 months ago, Sue finally wandered over to

my website.   she promptly volunteered again, this  time to be my editor-in-chief and proofreader.   this has been quite a trying

experience for me,  mostly because Sue insists on interspersing her corrections with extravagant praise, which i
sometimes find

embarrassing if i can't think of a joke to laugh it off.   Sue, by the way, did eventually grow up.   now her mother even let's us go

out to dinner unchaperoned.    ....... and here she is..     tres chic!

                          sue 2

you can learn more about Sue by visiting her blog at: