WFMT '77
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1)  made in chicago  -                                      for notes on this song, click here                  

2)  nina's prelude  -      i was living in chicago in '76.   my pal, Jim Post started dating a singer, Nina [ something ] .  he introduced me.   pretty soon, she blew him off .   we became friendly.  she was a single mom, struggling to raise a 6 yr old and keep a career going, while making a living singing in clubs and bars around Milwaukee.  i liked her, and felt some sympathy for here heroic efforts.  our friendship didn't come to much.   she was too busy surviving.  i don't she had much time for the likes of Jim and me.   i wrote a song for her,  'Nina's Song', of which there is currently no recording available.    however, there's a link to the lyric on the the next page.  i think i wrote the 'Prelude' later.  

3)  overweight in california  -                         for notes on this song, click here  

4)  recreation shoeshine  -    i think it was in '77 that i returned to San Francisco for a visit.  i stayed with my dear friend. Siri Moeller.  while there, i took time to look up some former friends and acquaintances from '71-'72,  including my ex-wife,  Lynne Charles,  then in the process of divorcing her second husband, Michael,  the ear/nose/throat surgeon cum cocaine addict.   he had recently been busted for 'operating  under the influence', and was about to lose his license to practice medicine.  too bad.  i kind of liked him.  Lynne was totally out of her mind.  and i mean that literally.  

all in all,  the visit was sad and disappointing.  one day, driving in the Haight district, i came upon a storefront bearing the sign. 'Recreation Shoeshine'.  i parked the car and walked over to have a closer look.   the place seemed to be a combination of an old-fashioned shoeshine parlor and barber shop, catering primarily to African/Americans.  somehow the image stayed with me.  the atmosphere of the place was reminiscent of the 100 yr history of black men in America, who needed a local refuge from the discrimination and degradation that had been their daily bread for so long.  i imagined that, for a few moments, in a bleak week, they were able to reclaim a modicum of dignity and self-respect in the company of their peers, as they mulled over current events at the 'Shoeshine', and had their personal needs attended to.        

5)  tutu and the cannibals  -                           for notes on this song, click here