the music

A)  BUDDY BOLDEN - this first group of songs was recorded in 1971 at a studio in San Mateo, California connected to concert promoter, Bill Graham.  it was initially intended to be my first solo album to be released on Capitol records.  this didn't happen.  an A&R shakeup at Capitol resulted in my contract being dropped.  subsequent attempts to sell the master to another label failed to find a home for it.

the tracks were engineered by Fred Catero and produced by Mark Spector.  players on these tracks include Ronnie Montrose, ( lap steel, electric and acoustic guitar ) Spencer Dryden, (drums) David Torbert ( bass )  Jerry Garcia (pedal steel, banjo )  Ed Neff ( fiddle)  Pamela Polland, Barbara Mauritz, Lynne Charles
 ( backround vocals)

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                        1) buddy bolden                          

                        2) black train                              

  3) mr white's song                                            

                        4) get on by me                          

                        5) country lullaby                      

                        6) jesse, jesse                             

                        7) don't you worry darlin'        

                        8) arabian queen                       

                        9) city lights                             

                       10) after the rain                       

                       11) my delight