B)  SAN MATEO '71 - this group of songs was also recorded in 1971 at  the san mateo studio.  this recording was intended as a demo for my then publisher, shady grove music, now defunct, owned jointly by myself, mark spector and bill graham.  we  re-recorded 'have a cigar' and 'liza bookman' (minus last vs. )  from the RIG album.  the other tunes were new.

the tracks were again engineered by fred catero and produced by mark spector.  players on these tracks include richard shlosser, drums, chris michie, guitar,  danny arhus, second guitar, tom la varda, bass, tom salisbury, piano and organ. tom salisbury and  rick shoosser were members of van morrison's back up group, all the players except me were members of barbara mauritz' band, Lamb.  tom salisbury plays piano on 'have a cigar', and organ on the other tracks.  i play piano on 'three steps', 'get in a groove', 'walk on the water', 'stealin' love', 'liza bookman' and 'strongest love'.

click on any song title for alternate recording, if avaliable.

                         1)  get in a groove               

                         2)  have a cigar                    

                         3) liza bookman                   

                         4)  stealin' love                     

                         5) strongest love                  

                         6)  three steps                      

                         7)  walk on the water