! and now, in alphabetical order !

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abba dabba honeymoon

   after the  rain


   anna and emma

   apple pickin' time

   a prayer for healing

   april in paris

   arabian queen

   baby, hold on

   back of the bus

   because i'm a man

   bicycle wheel

   black train

   blue moon

   broken down houses

   buddy bolden
   buzzy & jimmy

   carla's never song



   c'est la vie

   chain of love

   city lights

   city of lost angels

   coming to you

   country lullaby

   courtship dance

   crazy rhythm

   cupcake ( Spring )


   dancin' in the waves


   death of a hobo


   didn't wanna love you

   don't you worry, darlin'

   don't you worry darlin' (alt. lyric)

   don't you worry darlin'  - rewrite 1979

   edison's dream

   evening at home # 2




   feast of weeks

   friend of jesus

   funiculi, funicula

   funky song

   get in a groove

   get on by me

   give me your love

   golden jubilee



   greyhound depot

   gypsy dance

   handful of rain

   have a cigar


   hey, buddy

   how could i ever leave you

   i believe

   i dreamed your body
   if i rise
   if you're blue tonight

if you're blue tonight 2

   i love you, it's ok

   indian summer

   in my room


   irene, goodnight

   jamaica, welcome home

   jesse, jesse

   just how i feel  [bicycle wheel ]

   jesus is coming 

   jesus loves to hear me sing

   jigsaw poet's revenge


   keep this poor boy shinin' on
   lady of a thousand songs

   laughing trees

   a letter to isolde

   let your light shine

   little sparrow

   liza bookman

   love is....

   lullaby of broadway II

   made in chicago

   marion and margaret's waltz


   miracle of the rainbow

   miracle of the rainbow 2

   mister sun

   mr rich man

   mr whilte's song

   my delight

   my friends

   my love reflected in you

   my sweet woman


   never give up

   nina's song


   off broadway whore

   officer ferry

   oh, my friend

   one of these days

   overweight in california

   pebbles in the sand

   please don't be fooled by me

   please don't go away

   please stick around

   praise you, jesus

   prelude to nina's song

   psalm 100, 150


   pure light

   queen of heaven

   recreation shoeshine

   ring of keys

   same stone

   see you later, so long

   send me an angel

   sgt. barkley & little tim

   seven stars

seven year itch

   ship of love

   show and tell

   show and tell 2

   silver engine

   sit down stranger

   skylab II



   song of the night

   south of the border

   south sea winter song

   spring's coming back

   starting out

   stealin' love

   stompin' at the savoy

   strange notions

   street racer

   strongest love
   sweet georgia brown

   take my hand


   telegraph man

   telephone blues

   thank you, father

   that's my body

   the animal rock

   the cup

   the cup 2

   the holy city

   the huntress

   the kiss

   the music box

   the phantom fiddler

   there is no death

   the road

   the wheel

   the wizard of menlo park

   three steps  closer to my lord

   time hurries by

   tombstone reminder

   to sarah

   tutu & the cannibals

   under the boardwalk

   walk on the water

   welcome home

   we're not old enough to get married

   what will be divided

   why do fools fall in love

   you can count on me

   you let me down