heartsong group - 1987


the music    

in 1983, i had retired from traveling and performing my original material, and was enjoying a long, much needed, rest from the road.  i began singing and playing guitar occasionally with local friends, musical amateurs, just for fun.  we sat around for hours, playing old American standards,  everything form Steven Foster through the '30s.  our guiding theme was often simply pure 'corniness'.   when we 'played out' it was usually at an old folks home, or a workshop  for retarded adults.  they seemed to enjoy our style.  after a few years, 2 of the original members, Watson Reid and Robin Carnes, moved away, and the group was re-organized on a somewhat more 'professional' basis.  i began to take more care writing out the 5 part vocals for each singer.  over time we discovered how hard it was to find and keep a tenor singer.  all in all, there were a number of personell changes over the 4 year span till we broke up in '87.   i'll try to list everyone including instrumentalists, on the 'notes' page.   the singers on this recarding are: Terry Landis, soprano,  Carol Raynsford. alto, Paul Ruest, tenor, David Lord, baritone or bass.  I switched off with David singing the bass or baritone part as needed.  David played rhythm and i played lead guitar.  sometimes we performed with bass and drums, as on this recording.  sometimes we added piano as well.  

there are no alternate recording of these songs at present.  click titles on the alt. page to go directly to 'song notes'.

                        1)  abba daba honeymoon   -                  

                    2)  crazy rhythm  -                                  

                    3)  blue moon  -                                       

                    4)  sweet georgia brown  -                     

                    5)  stompin' at the savoy  -                    

                    6)  why do fools fall in love  -                

                    7)  in my room  -                                     

                    8) under the boardwalk  -                      

                    9)  funiculi, funicula                            

                   10) april in paris  -