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the photos             

there seems to be an abundance of photo documentation of Heartsong's brief history.  so,  waste not, want not,   here's some more pics . . .

in no particular order.  

      or     Watson, Robin, Liza & me, circa 1985.   not too serious        - here we are '

'rehearsing' . . . if you can call it that.     or2       that's Josh Reid's underwear

on our heads, i case you missed it.    moving along . . .  more of the same.  or3               i guess we were happy.

if not very 'serious'                           later . . . .        here's one af our attempts at 'professionalism' . .

        h6  that's me, Terry, Carol,

Dave & Walt Sayre - tenor of the week.  in fact, Walter Sayre was a very competent, professional musician, a good singer, played the piano well and would have made a

fine permanent addition to our ensemble,  except   . .. . . . he was a T-E-N-O- R - which is an acromym for having your head up your ass.  'vanity,  all is vanity. saith the


but who were we kidding anyway?       here's a shot of some of our typical 'fans'       

i guess Tery thought that was funny.     29         ha ha ha.     me too.  

if you didn't like Walt, he was a jewel compared to Dean,  who had the usual 'tenor'  flaws without the plus side.     i had to fire him.         plus,

he also messed up every picture of the group      178       with his goofy

mugging.    of course, Terry and Carol are BEAUTIFUL!!

 an interim solution to the 'tenor problem' was the addition a baritone, Dave Lord.  

that took the pressure off,  filled out the sound -  and -    Dave was a NICE guy, easy to work with, and a pretty good guitar player.

friendly smile too.      hs2     sometimes . . . we had help from  

other musicians who weren't exactly singers.  here a Mr, Armstrong,  a bass player who looked like his name.     a nice guy -  a decent

11     he even wanted to sing,     but   . .  never mind.   who's next?     this 'next'  is just 'human interest'.

Terry and husband, Hugh Landis -  much later.     too bad Hugh can't sing.  t30  

i wouldn't include this  next except that T & C are so PRETTY.    i loved them.     they made it all worth it.

        176      Carol is holding my baby  . . . .

guitar, that is.    ha ha.     (if only)     . .   more of the same.   a nice looking group.  :))

            h5   one more . . . .

yikes!    a tenor.   Bob Merrill  -  good piano, nice voice,  friendly, bright,      bm     but  . . . . still a tenor.  

just wouldn't stick to the frying pan.  :)    we're done for today.      there's more on page 4.     here a parting thought.     another bassist.

 i THINK it's Terry's son, Walker.    nice kid.     what happened to him?  


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