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the photos            


let's begin with the ever lovely Carol Raynsford.  we lost her so soon  . . .                                                                                                      
a marvelous talent,  a vibrant, very special human being . .                  ca

but that's too sad.  so for comic relief, let's go to Dean, hiding in the woodshed.  i told him to stay in there but he didn't listen.  :))

wd     he's there, in the dark.  trust me . . .

this is me, in my favorite sky - blue pants.  not sure how that fits in.  guess i was parking the car.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             k
ter     more eye candy.  love that girl  mt

she wears well too.    186  Carol with my baby again.  

damn!  can't we lose Dean?    before there were tenors and while Carol was on sabatical, we had THIS  line-up.  not ideal.  too many  . . .

3grls    girls!   i mean, i like girls, but . . .

three's a crowd.    shit!   wd    it's Dean again!  and no Carol.  i can't take it.

back at the woodshed.  at least Dean is hiding.         look at those beautiful women!!!


interim solution # 362.   at least Carol is back.  


whoops!  now you see her - now you don't.  

why did we think it was cool  . . . .sno  to stand around in the snow, having our picture taken?

more audience shots.  was there any future for this?  looks like a short one . . . .   aud

let's leave today's page with the FINAL iteration of Heartsong.  the TENOR here is Paul Ruest.  he recorded our one and only CD with us, but

never performed with us on stage  . . .  


so we never got to find out if he was a jerk.   a good singer  - who,  i think, went on to do great things.  another Kendell 'alumni,  :)))

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