heartsong photos


 the photos         

i have recently acquired what i think is a complete list of heartsong's ever changing personnel.  i will do my best to identify individuals with their photos now.

steve armstrong, bass guitar
watson reid, baritone, guitar
robin reid-carnes, soprano
liza houlihan-hall, alto, banjo
david wasmack, bass guitar
elizabeth ring, tenor
bob merrill, tenor, piano
walt sayre, tenor, piano
dean stevens, tenor, guitar
paul ruest, tenor

more photos of heartsong, before, and later.... in no particular order

one thing we found out, after we went  'pro',  was that the number of male tenor vocalists who aren't insane is-- well, zero.  so we setlled for insane ones, when we could find one at all.  here's a picture of HEARTSONG with tenor # 2 [ or was it 3, it's a blur ]

hsng w walt s   personnel :  me, carol raynsford, alto, walt sayre,  tenor in the middle,  then terry landis, soprano, and david lord, baritone and rhythm guitar.   walt was good,  but addicted  to the trombone.  he didn't stay.

and before walt and david there was dean. [ dean stevens ]  he was 7 feet tall and goofy as...well, goofy.  nice tenor voice, not always quite in tune, and he didn't like to
 learn parts.   big drawback.....  had to let him go.     hsng w/dean  

Carol,  our alto, was a country girl, lived way out in the woods.  here she is in front of the woodshed.   c @ the woodpile

before Heartsong, there was the 'doowop' group, which include some member of the 'original' Heartsong.  i can't remember all their names.   confused?  don't worry.  just look at the picturess.  i'll sort them out later.  

doowops 1     doowps 2   dwps 3

dwps 4             dwps 5  

 a friendly bunch.  i did a nice arrangement of 'Rockin' Robin' for them.

here's Heartsong with one of our female 'tenors' .  name gone. [ susan michael ] she tried,  but it's just not the same.  

                        hsng 168

in the grass     here's a very nice pic of H'song with dean.  don't we look great?   'cept for dean.

g tenor   and here's that nice girl who sang tenor.  [ susan michael ]

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