j edward's house  -  '80 - alt. versions


this page comprises alternate recording of songs first presented on the music page for this group,  with a brief note about the  date and context of each recording.  in most cases, these are later versions, usually but not always live solo performances.  


clicking of the title of any song will take you to the 'song notes'  page for  more detail.

1)  faithful  -                                                          there one alt. version available, click here  

2)  lady of a thousand songs -  take 1  -                 for 11 alt. versions of this song, click here to go to                                                                                                             the song index

3)   lady of a thousand songs -  take 2  -               same as above

4)  mister sun  -                                                    there are 4 alt. versions, click here and here. click here for 2                                                                                                 more.

5)  show and tell  -                                               there is currently no alt. version available