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                                                                                                the photos           

bn several other important friends in the bay area    bn  here's Bonnie Swift, who made me

welcome at her home in Fairfax.
    and here, with her late husbad, James Langbein,  and their kids


ah -  the happy days of  new love - 19 71
,   pictured here            bj

another friend, who we had in common, British journalist, Duncan Campbell  - as a young man 

 d    and as a grown up, circa 2005   d5

Duncan, in turn, introduced me to Isolde Hunter    iz    a talented singer, who i didn't meet in person

until  much later.  Siri  Moeller introduced me to her lovely sister, Petie    
kp    we asked

a stranger to take this photo in New York's Central Park.   Petie took several other pics of me herself.

kb and kb2 and  kb3

after 2 years in Marin Caouty i moveed to Los Angeles,  a big mistake, except for the good friends i made there.

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