kk in california '71

                                                                                                the photos

k in marin  after RIG broke up. i moved to CA to work on BUDDY BOLDEN.    these pics were taken

in preparation for an album release.  guess again.  but they are some of my favorite pitures.

bump on a log # 2      k log 2     and here is my friend

           david torbert with me.                          k and torbert

 david was among the best bass players i've ever met.  he also had access, via the 'dead's'  dealer,  to some of the meanest panama red that ever

damaged a human brain.

k & t 2    here's  david  after an overdose of  naicin.

sadly for me,  david is now playing in the heavenly band.

                                                                               k & t 3

leaving me on my ass in the grass,  but not dave's grass,  unfortunately.

k in grass

here's an obit for Ronnie Montrose who played such aa important part in the creation of Buddy Bolden. 

r      so sorry, Ronnie.  i miss you.  on a happier note 

this is Pamela Polland's living romom in Mill Valley   pe where we worked

out the voca, backing track for BB.  pe2  she's still with us.  a few more of Peemer.  p3 and p4

here's a pic  of yours truly at his little house in Mill Valley circa '72

kk  this is a favorite of mine.  which brings me to

Siri Moeller, the photographer and my room mate that year  sr    a sweet young girl,  


   then -
and today.  . .   s2   at her home in San Francisco.   Siri was a painter too,  here are several

of her paintings. which

she created while vwe shared our tiny cottage. sp that's Laura, my famous cat.  :)) in my guitar


case.    one more  . . . bstr  Siri's equally famous dog, Buster

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