michael reese live '76 -  song notes


on this page, i give brief biographical and contextual information about each song,  how it came to be written, etc.   for a more detailed biographical memoir  by kendell kardt, click the link: ' the poems of bernard rudolph ' on the home page.   be sure read the disclaimer before proceeding.  

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1)  lady of a thousand songs  -                         for notes on this song, click here

2)  overweight in california  -                               for notes on this song, click here

3)  pebbles in the sand  -     this song was written for Varda Perry in 1972.  among the vicissitudes  of loving this mercurial person, was her                                                            tendency to disappear without notice, and to succumb to the blandishments of strangers.  still, i loved her, and                                                            wanted her to have the 'freedom' she seemed to need.  the song expresses a feeling which, i admit, i was never                                                            quite able to live up to in practice.                       

4)  please stick around -     this song was written for my first wife, Lynne Charles.  it expresses, i think, the peculiar ambivalence i felt about                                                          a woman who i was determined, after all, to marry, and yet somehow felt oddly detached about my reasons.  the                                                          verse that refers to 'Michael B.' comes form a dream i had, in which one of the fellows that she worked with                                                              stood behind her and comically bobbled her large mammaries, like a character in a 'wild west' medicine show.                                                              this was ironic.  Lynne was virtually flat chested.  i guess i  i could  be jealous, even when there was nothing                                                              much to be jealous of.                                

 5)  pure light - funky song  -                         for a note on 'funky song' click here  -  
                                                                                                                        a note on 'pure light'  is here

6)  sgt barkley & little tim  -                         for add'l notes on this song, click here

7)  walk on the water  -                                         for notes on this song, click here