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of course, the history of my connection to Chicago does not end in 1977.  i retained many friends and fans with whom i stayed in touch and often returned to visit and sometimes, to perform.   i include here some 'random'  selections which bring that history up to the present.

Chicago is a great American city - and  . . .  a toddlin' town.  

     Chicago         ch   seen here

looking east across lake Michigan beyond it.   during my time there i shared its environs wtih some womderful people, some of whom i got to know personally -  and some - who i  didn't.   :)

70           kdz    

                                                                                                maybe that's because i didn't arrive till '76.  

here's a guy i did meet -  Jimmy Johnson, bartender at the Earl of Old Town.   a good guy  . .  

                                       jj   is he a Shriner??

another ;good guy'.  one of the only 'folk singers' who visited the Chicago scene . .  who i actually LIKED.  :))  Mr Gamble Rogers.

gr  unfortunately he died, trying to save some other guy from drowning.

and then there are the close friends who loved and supported me and my creative project.   because of my carelessness about taking photographs

some of their faces won't appear here.  instead i have the pictures they took of me.   whatever . . .  me -  in Evan Gladstone's garden, 2014.


and outside Oliver Kramer's apartment     kc2

and me . . on Regina's porch in  my best bathrobe

friend, Regina Henley's house in 2002   kr   and       kr2    and with Marco,

Regina's housemate.    km   i'm in shock here, but i don't know why.  :))

here's a snap taken by my buddy, Oliver Kramer in 2011.    i'm playing 'Your Cheatin' Heart' in his living room.  

kg   thoughtful, huh?   and here are two with a face.  my FIRST Chicago fan.

she was just a child when i met her at the Earl.  barely legal.  i was ashamed to take advantage of her innocent youth.  Debbie Klare Murray.

db    this, circa 2010.  as you can see, she's all grown up now,

the married mother of 3 big children, complete with gray hair.  db2  she

she still loves me though.  bless your heart, Deb.

more snaps from Regina's kitchen.   a tribute to Capone . . kg  and . .

let's finish this rambling incoherency with a few more out takes from my 2014 gala concert.   as follows.





recent additions

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Elvis has left the building       km   no kidding  . . . .


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