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the photos        

let's re-visit Chicago. circa 1975 - '76.   more of 'street life' with new friends.       ck    and

        cg2     and    cg3   and 

     one more    cg4      here are some snaps of the kid, at random, same year.        k1 

k2    k4       k3  

      k5    HOT!!!

    some of my favorite chicago  peeps    c  Court Dorsey

Deebie Murray and her husband Duane      dd   more of Debbie, my first 'fan' below

      df   and      df2      below, a photo of Joy Cohen,  who taped some of my

    shows at the No Exit Coffee House in Rogers Park.  She passed away in 1999.  R>I>P Joy, and thank you.


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