photos - kk in chicago - '74 - '77


the photos        

     this looks slightly dangerous...     .chgo 9     but not as risky as my driving  

kk drives

     back on the street again    kk street        who am i kidding,  when was i off?  

 i had friends, though.    chgo frds   for a while, they kept me in this    

cage at night,  after the gig ....                   k in chgo clip

                      the earl  

but then i got a very nice apartment ...   which i liked SO much, i'll

give you a very complete tour.          apt 1  everything i need....  apt 2  to sit and

   think,   and      apt 3      play the piano,       apt 4         and sew,  and sometimes, just

   apt 5     stand around.   and then,    stand     do it all over again.

   c pno    backwards, maybe,  just for variety.     sewing

               here's the long view   long     including me, sometimes  me   and i

also play the piano,  pno 22     a little piano.  23    did i

that?    sit around a little more.   apt 9      don't forget to shave.  


now you're ready to go out.   but first,  maybe just play the piano some more.    mo pno     OK,  now i'm ready.

bye    bye!

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