kk in New Hampshire - page 2


the photos         
turns out that happy ending's aren't permanent  c6 here's the biide at 60.  she's someone elses bride today.  i think she's happy.  so maybe it's ahaappy ending after all.  other than that, ther were many positive aspects to my stay ih New Hampsshire.  let's review.  dc  here's Cindy.  i nice girl i dated before i married the Mrs.

let's focvus on music.  some snaps from my studio  s2  and . . my all time best guitar

tf  plus my 2nd andf 3rd favorites  . . .

mt   i made that case myself.  i still have it, altho the guitar is 'retired.

like the Mrs.?  one more retired guitar  g   keyboards too. 

dx        dx2  that studio was

 happy work space.  one mose  fk5  the BIG speaker  :))

i still have that too.  what else?  here is some 'evidence' from the tail end of my 'career' as a song writer/performer after i moved to New Hampshire.

km  and mj  and

l  and  ko  and

kl   andkll

and my old stomping ground at . . 


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