kk in New Hampshire


the photos         

               New Hampshire is, first of all, about my dear 2nd wife, Carla Richardson.  So let's get to know her.   High School?    

      carla      the perfect mother   c2    of her sisters kids,  

what i really liked about her though, was....    c3   her goofy smile.       she could bake a cake too!

c4     and cook!   mmmm-mmm.     she could be kinky at times,    c5

mostly on hallowe'en.     but seriously,  she was just the most beautiful girl.   c6    we got married after a while.

    c k 1    my talented wife made the invitations herself.      inv     everyone came to her

father's orchard,  wdg 2    it was a happy day!    c w/d    sister Dale was a brides

   my sibs came and sang a song.  k sibs     winter and summer came and went.     we were happy.

    k,c j                  winter               cjk2

winter, summer, fall and spring.     with my lovely bride.             my c

there's more to this story, of course.  let's fill in some details.  lh  this is the house where

lived for 8 years in winter.  in the summer we had another home.  th  not bad for a

'poor' retired folk singer!  rh  this is the Carla's dad's farmhouse.

enough real estate. a few more of the happy couple.  ck  and one more.

cg2  and 2 more pics of my stepson, Joshua. jjf

happy graduation,  and . . . jf2.    what a sweet kid.  the picture of innocence.  and last but not least . . .

Frisky !   the family cat.  


this page has a happy ending.   click here for page 2.   time passes . . . .