the RIG album  - '70 - song notes


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1)  carousel  -    this song, of which i wrote only the music, is the setting of a poem by Jennifer Berne, a NYC artist i met in college.  it's a bit sad.     click on Jenifer's name for a bit of background on how we met, and a short story that didn't make it into the memoir pages.             

2)  evening at home # 2 -  this song was written in 1967, during the months i lived with my actress sweetheart, Aaron.    Joyce was often away on acting business, leaving me alone with her roomate, Brenda, who was addicted to cocaine.  it was maddening.  and also. a bit sad.  i guess living in NYC is like that.                

3)  have a cigar  -                                         notes for this song can be found here

4)  laughing trees  -    i
f the 1st two notes point to sadness, this song indicates grimness,  but also the possbility of  escape.  from grim, sad NYC.  pretty inspiring.   the lyric and music of the refrain were supplied by Rig guitarist, Arthur Richards.  i wrote the verses.                              

5)  liza bookman  -                                      
notes for this song can be found here   

6)  mr.  rich man   -   we turn from sadness and grimness to the vaguely threatening.  apropos of the 'social consciousness' we all embraced in the sixties, this song suggests that perhaps revolution is the key to changing the NY ambience.  not likely.                                

7)  my sweet woman  -   ah, a love song at last.  written for my first wife, Lynne Charles.  of course, it's about loneliness.  and consequently ---  a bit sad.  more of a blues feeling.   (smile, you're on candid camera )                      

8)  please stick around  -                          
notes for this song can be found here