the photos

this page comprises additonal  phto of the band, RIG, of which i was a member from late '67 until we broke up in '70.  the band consisted of arthur richards,  lead guitar & vocals. don kerr. bass & vocals,  and myself on piano, guitar lead vocals.  our first drummer was tom cerone.   in 1970, tom was replaced by drummer, richard shlosser.

rig '68   this pic, from the main photo page, is of RIG in about 1968, probably prior to our record contract with Capitol.  with original drummer, T. Cerone  ( our version of pete best )  taken in Brooklyn, NY.  clearly,  our gangsta phase.

also from the main page, from a performance at NYC's 
Bitter End Cafe' in Greenwich Village,  one of several        
showcase venues at the time.  only tom and i are visible
                                                                                               bitter end   

a recent find:  the original trio in rehearsal


here the revamped band in '70 with rick shlosser's double bass drums.  we needed that :-)


......and  one at a time.

                                 don kerr                                     d kerr

artie 1                arthur richards, once......

artie 2                           twice.......      

three times....                      artie 3   

shlosser             and the drummer boy,  richard shlosser

the band again....

indy rig

and me, me, me.....

me 1        happy,  kendell ??

kk 2      and a little more mellow...    

he works and plays well with others...             klaughs        

and gradually gets over teen acne,      or was it the drugs?  

kk skin


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