The Pearl

© 2011 by Kendell Kardt

This book is dedicated,                                                                                                        
with admiration and respect                            
to my good friend, Dr John Pitman,               
who suggested the idea                                   
for writing a book about a bell buoy.             
John - i think you had something else in mind
entirely, but here it is.                                       
And also with love                                           
to Nina,  Nevaeh and  Julian James                 
born this year of our Lord, 2011,                      
my potential future readers,                              
who, no doubt, have serious potential             
of their own,                                                    
but may be old enough to read this                   
at about the same time as it's likely                           
to be published, in 2017 or so.                                                   

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Table of Contents

click titles for each part

Part 1  -  unlikely friends

Part 2  -  a mysterious gift

Part 3  -  oliver explains

Part 4  -  pianos - and why

Part 5  -  miranda's request

Part 6  -  thanksgiving day

Part 7  -  a magic carpet ride

i wish to express my gratitude here for the invaluable help of Cindi De Capiteau and Sue Fallon with typing and proofreading  this story.  they saved me eons of time and countless, careless errors.  thank you.